Chapter 7 – Debtor Maintenance

Chapter 7.1 -Debtor Maintenance

Go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance, to maintain debtor account.

Click New to a new Debtor(Customer).


Group Company: If this is checked, it means this debtor account is the control account of a group company. This debtor account will be allowed to be chosen as a control account for other debtors. This account will not carry any transactions (just like the Debtor Control account), and it functions just like a parent account.

Debtor Credit Control



You may choose the branch during a transaction that involves a branch delivery address.

Tax Exemption



Notes entered here can be copied to transaction documents for this debtor.

To copy the debtor note to a sales document, go to Tools > Option.

Then, Invoicing > Document Transfer > Copy Debtor Note to Sales Document Note.