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AutoCount Accounting Software

AutoCount is all you need for your daily accounting routine and inventory management to keep your business on track. A SST compatible software with plugin options to customize for your business.

AutoCount Accounting V2.1

The V2.1 version strengthens its flagship features for greater improvements and lets you experience new trends.


Reasons to choose AutoCount Accounting

One Item, Multiple Pricing

Maintain up to 6 selling prices for each item and by debtor’s level. By entering standard cost and desired mark ups, the system will auto-calculate and update the new selling price and profit margin for you.

Personalized Layout

Customize the document layout according to your preference or to suit your company’s needs. Save and share your frequently used layout template amongst your teammates to save time and minimize repetitive tasks.

Documents Flow Management

Have a bird’s eye view of your entire documents flow at a glance. Easy to track and identify the inter-related documents in one single view and zoom in for details.

Redesigned Interface with KISS Method

Our Keep-It-Simple- System (KISS) displays all key information in live tiles and dashboard styles. The symbolic icons and buttons make data entry easier.

Total Integration & Scalable

Integrates easily with AutoCount suite of software and unlimited plug-ins from AutoCount Store. You can upgrade the software anytime when your business grows and expands.

Financial Report Writer

The new layout editor allows you to customize nearly any aspect of a financial report. It also comes with report conversion capability to turn data into visually appealing charts and pivot table, or export to excel file for further analysis.

Smart & Quick Searching

Intelligent search function allows you to conduct searches in multiple columns simultaneously. Our google-like search engine is flexible and capable of handling various searching patterns.

Selecting the right AutoCount Edition

Select from 5 Editions that were carefully packed to meet requirements of various types of business. Avoid paying for what you don’t need. Should there is any module required but not included in your selected Edition, just request to add it on.

This edition contains all function in AutoCount Account Edition, added with invoicing functions. (without stock control). In this edition, you will find complete functions of General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable and Invoicing. Suitable for accounting service companies own use, and anyone who need to do full set of account for their clients.

This edition contains purely accounting function (without Invoicing and stock control). In this edition, you will find complete functions of General Ledger, Account Receivable and Account Payable.

Suitable for accounting service companies, freelance accountants, and anyone who need to do full set of account.

This edition contains all functions in Account Plus edition with addition Simple Stock for invoicing and stock control.

Suitable for companies that requires inventory control and wish to perform direct billing (without Sales Order function) and accounting functions.

This edition contains all function in AutoCount Account Edition, added with Basic Multi−UOM, Invoicing and Stock Control functions that support full transfer and partial transfer.

Suitable for companies who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Need to deal with stock items using basic invoicing and Stock control;
  2. Need to use Sales Order to keep tracks of customers’ orders;
  3. May need to create additional fields to store data

This edition contains all functions of AutoCount Basic Edition, added with Landing Cost, Basic Multi−Location, Consignment, Advanced Multi−UOM, Activity Stream, FOC Quantity, Recurrence (Sales & Purchase), and Scripting features.

Suitable for companies who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Need to purchase goods from overseas;
  2. Need to manage outlets or and warehouses;
  3. Need to sell products in loose packing;
  4. Need to consign goods to customers;
  5. Need to give Free of charge Items on customers volume purchase.

This edition contains all functions of AutoCount Pro Edition, added with Advanced Item, Budget & Advanced Financial Report, Filter by Salesman, Item Batch, Item Package Item Template, Multi−Dimensional Analysis, Remote Credit Control and Stock Assembly.

Suitable for companies who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. Need to show stock reports in different units of measurement;
  2. Need to allow a salesperson to view access documents bills created by himself only;
  3. Need to remote approve reject a request of credit control sent from other PC;
  4. Need to have different product packages sales such as hamper;
  5. Need to do simple assembles of raw materials into finished goods;
  6. Need to further control and differentiate products by using batch number;
  7. Need to do analysis of sales and purchase using pivot table.

MODULES Accountant Account Plus Express Plus Basic Pro Premium
SST, Project, Multi-Currency
GL, AR, AP, Recurrence GL
Simple Puchase
Simple Stock
Simple Sales
Complete Sales + + +
Complete Purchase + +
Complete Stock + +
UDF/Formula + +
Basic Multi-UOM + +
Budget/Advanced Financial Report + +
Activity Stream + + + +
Advanced Multi-UOM + + +
Advanced Quotation + + + +
Consignment + + +
FOC Quantity + + +
Landing Cost + + +
Multi-Location + + +
Recurrence (Sales & Purchase) + + + +
Scripting + + + +
Filter by salesman + + + + +
Advanced Item + + + +
Item Batch + + + +
Item Package/Item Template + + + +
Multi-Dimensional Analysis + + + + +
Remote Credit Control + + + + +
Stock Assembly + + + +
Advanced Multi-Currency + + + + + +
API + + + + + +
Bonus Point + + + + +
Consolidate Financial Report + + + + + +
Department + + + + + +
Export Account + + + + + +
Export Stock + + + + + +
Filter by account + + + + + +
Import Third Party Xml + + + + + +
Multi-Dimensional Price Book + + + + +
Multi-Level Assembly + + + + +
Serial No. + + + + +
Stock Disassembly + + + + +
Unrealized Gain/ Loss + + + + + +
Sales Order Processing + + + + +
Assembly Order Processing + + + + +

Custom Fields & Tables

Need futher information to be added to your accounting software? Create custom fields and tables.

Custom Button & Actions

Create better user experience & navigation for your users by adding buttons and actions to your software.

Custom Reports

Need specific information in your reports or special layouts? Get your report customized in the layout of your preference.

Need Customization?

What are the factors that influence pricing?

  1. Software Edtion
  2. SST
  3. Network User
  4. Add-On Modules

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