We are Authorized AutoCount Software Dealer,
Authorized AutoCount Training Center,
HRDF Training Provider and Internet of Things (IoT)

Company Profile

We provide one stop digital Solutions , accounting software solutions, implementation, support & training.

The principal activities of the Company as the followings:

  1. AutoCount Accounting Software& internet user
  2. AutoCount Inventory, Invoicing & Procurement Software
  3. AutoCount POS Retail & FB Software
  4. AutoCount Payroll & Cloud Payroll Software
  5. AutoCount Authorised Training Centre
  6. TADA Member Retainer Program
  7. Freely stock take App
  8. Freely Mobile Sales
  9. Plug in Customization
  10. ServerLink Authorised Distributor
  11. HRDF Training Provider
  12. Supply and Distribution of POS Equipment

The Company is wholly-owned by key management personnel of the company. Having a stake in the company thus ensure that management has added incentive and commitment to achieve the challenges, goals and objectives of the company.

We have had provided successfully Installation, Maintenance & Software Implementation & Training to more than 500 companies, outlets and retail across Malaysia and in a growing number of locations around Malaysia.

Our track record shows that we have the ability to position ourselves comfortably in the market within a period since its inception.

We  have very strong urge to provide quality services in serving our customers and potential customers in a bigger market in near future.

Company Philosophy

CYMSB is fully committed to quality by satisfying customer requirement according to safety standard.

The Objective of the Company is to remain competitive through quality, cost effectiveness and business efficiency.

The Company offers complete services from Sales to Customer Care, workshop & training, advisory & Relevant information of digital adoption & digital transformation.

We firmly believe in the traditional values of prompt, efficient and courteous service.

In view of the above and taking customer requirements into consideration, CYMSB will be achieving customer satisfaction.

CYMSB aspires to be the best value added distributor in the software and training centre and, in order to accomplish that,

CYMSB will consistently concentrate on providing leading-edge software with extra and benefits that will serve the market’s, present and future needs.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, staying competitive means embracing digital transformation because it is crucial for your business’s success. That’s where C Y Group comes in, a comprehensive digitalisation soluion provider to revolutionize your operations, streamline processes, and, maximize your potential.

Streamlined Processes: We automate and digitize your manual processes, eliminating inefficiencies, and, reducing human error. By cutting down time consuming paperwork with streamlined operations, you’ll experience faster turnaround times, improve resource allocation, and, increase overall efficiency.

Enhanced Accuracy & Data Security: Manual operation processing leaves room for human error, which can lead to discrepancies, and, ineffciency. Our products can help you to eliminate these risks through a simpler data input with precision, and, maintain data accuracy. All data is securely stored, protected by encryption, and, access control, ensuing confidentiality, and, data integrity

Time & Cost Savings: By digitizing your operating system, you’ll experience significant time, and, cost savings, the time spent on spreadsheets, data entry, and, reconciliation are dramatically reduced. You can redirect your resources to more strategic tasks that contribute to your company’s growth and success.

Comprehensive Support: Embarking on a digital transformation journey can be challenging, but, our dedicated support team is here to guide you at every step. From initial implementation, and, training to ongoing support, and, updates, we are committed to ensuring your success and helping you leverage the full potential of our products.

Don’t let outdated processes hold your company back. Embrace the power of digitalisation and unlock a new era of efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated growth. Revolutionize your company operations today and position yourself as a leader in the digital age!

AutoCount Authorized Dealer

We provide Implementation, Installation & Support of AutoCount Accounting Software, AutoCount POS Software and AutoCount Payroll Software. AutoCount Accounting Software is a powerful and efficient  Accounting, Stock and Billing software.

HRDF Training Provider & AutoCount Authorized Training Centre

We are HRDF certified Training Provider & AutoCount Authorized Training Centre for the Region of Malaysia with ATC Code ATCM049 and with Certified Autocount Trainee. We provide AutoCount Accounting Training, AutoCount Stock & Inventory Training  and  AutoCount Computerized Accounting Course with AutoCount Certification.

Reseller of original and compatible POS terminal,

receipt printer, barcode printer and others…

C Y Group is a company that having a simple goal of providing customers with the most advanced and secured shopping environment for high quality products, high level of services and realistic price.

We are reseller of original and compatible POS terminal, receipt printer, barcode printer and others devices use on POS system.

With our current global economic situation, we have also noticed that environmental friendly, high quality and economical products are becoming the trend of the world. Hence, our marketers are shouldering a mission to source the best quality products for our customers.

Online Shopping Made Easy

Online shopping store makes purchasing printer cartridges easier for all types of customers such as small businesses, home office users and corporations. Whether you need a printer cartridge for your home or office printer, we have the right printer cartridge for you in our shopping store. Our web catalogue currently hold more than 1,000 different models and brands of cartridges. You can be assured that we have the right cartridge(s) for you.

Our store is open to you for your shopping convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all that just from the comfort of your home and office.

To assist you in saving your time and money.

Eventually, you will find shopping online with us is fun and easy and knowing you will receive the highest quality products available with customer service and support.