Elevates HR roles with efficient and accurate cloud-based payroll & HR system

AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Managing your payroll & HR remotely is no longer a dream with AutoCount Cloud Payroll. Get rolling with a cloud-based payroll software that is secure, scalable and maintenance-free.


Reasons to choose AutoCount Cloud Payroll

Manage Everything in One Portal

Real time HR dashboard provides total visibility into your payroll & HR information anytime, anywhere at a glance.

Improve Efficiency

No more cumbersome submissions, no more manual processing. Simple and easy data import for time & attendance information.

Employee Self-Service

Be it e-Leave, e-Claim, e-Profile, get first hand updates instantly online, you can now avoid the tedious paper works.

Maintenance FREE

Feature-rich platform that performs auto-backup on all your data and auto-updates on an ongoing basis. No more worrying about expensive hardware and software upgrade investment.

Pay As You Go

Pay for only what you use. The most cost efficient payroll software in Malaysia that charge according to per employee user instead of block rate.


Protected with two factor authentications giving your account a foolproof internet security.

Integration with AutoCount Accounting

Connect to AutoCount Accounting via web services API and get the related payroll transaction posted to accounting modules.

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