Chapter 1 Manage Account Book

Manage Account Book

This is the place to maintain and manage Account Books that are accessible to this PC. The created and attached Account Books is displayed here. Each account book is a separate SQL database. If you are handling businesses for more than one company, you will need to create a new account book for each company.

01.01 Attach Account Book

Attach Account Book: to link (attach) the application (AutoCount Accounting) on your PC to an Account Book (database) on a database server (SQL server). Under network environment, without needed to maintain the database on your PC, you may attach an Account Book from another PC (network accessible) where the Account Book is kept. An attached account book can be Detached (to break the link) and be attached again. That means you may also attach account book from the database server on your own PC, especially for the account book that was earlier detached.
To create a new Account Book,
Go to File > Manage Account Book and click on Attach Account Book

01.02 Create Account Book

Create a new Account Book means create a new SQL database folder in SQL Database Server. You may create a new Account Book in your PC or any other PC, provided the PC is installed with SQL Server.
To create a new Account Book,
Go to File > Manage Account Book and click on Create Account Book

01.03 Detach Account Book

Detach Account Book is not the same as Delete Account Book: Detach means to remove the account book from the application (to break the link), but the database still stay with the SQL Server; Delete Account Book means to detach and also remove the database from SQL Server

1. Click on Yes.

2. Key in the ADMIN password, then click on OK.