Chapter 3 – New Feature

Chapter 3.6 – Purchase Request

  • An entry to record any stock item requested by internal staff.
  • Transaction entries behave similarly to other transaction entries.
  • They do not deduct stock and affect accounts.
  • They can be transferred to Request Quotations and Purchase Orders, but cannot be transferred to other documents without approval.
  • Included reports:
    • Purchase Request Listing.
    • Purchase Request Detail Listing.
    • Outstanding Purchase Request Listing.
    • Outstanding Purchase Request Detail Listing.

1) Purchase Request (PQ) Menu

1.1 Go to Purchase  Purchase Request.

1.2 There are a few functions from Purchase Request (PQ).

2) Create New Purchase Request (PQ).

2.1 Click New to create a new Purchase Request (PQ).

2.2 The New Purchase Request window will appear as shown in the image below.

2.3 Enter all required information (Requested By, Description) and Item details (Item Code, Qty).

2.4 Creditor Code and Creditor Name are optional fields.

3) Approval Access Right

3.1 Go to General Maintenance  Access Right Maintenance.

3.2 AutoCount Accounting  Invoicing → Purchase → Purchase Request → Approve Purchase Request.

3.3 Users in the ticked user groups or with the ticked IDs have access rights.

3.4 Click the checkbox to tick or untick  Apply to add or remove the access right.

3.5 Users with access rights can view the purchase request.

3.6 Click on Approve to approve the Purchase Request.

3.7 Click on Yes to continue.

3.8 The approval user will be changed to the user who approved the Purchase Request (PQ).

3.9 The approval user for a Purchase Request (PQ) is automatically updated to the user ID who created it, if the user has access rights.

4) Purchase Request (PQ) can be transfer to:

  • Request Quotation (RQ)
  • Purchase Order (PO)
  • Unapproved Purchase Request (PQ)s cannot be transferred to other documents.

4.1 Go to Purchase → Purchase Order.

4.2 Click on New to create a new Purchase Order.

4.3 Click on “Transfer From Purchase Request”.

4.4 Approved documents will show up in Transfer from Purchase Request.

5) Manual Approval Purchase Request (PQ)

Certain users or user groups will have the right to automatically approve purchase requests.

Remove the ability to automatically approve purchase requests from Access Right/User/User Group Maintenance.

5.1 Example of Access Right Maintenance.

5.2 Go to Geneal Maintenance  Access Right Maintenance  AutoCount Accounting  Invoicing  Purchase  Purchase Request Automatic Approve Purchase Request.

5.3 Check the ticked user IDs and user groups on the right side.

5.4 Untick the checkbox of the User ID/User Group and click on Apply.

5.5 The User ID from ADMINS group will no longer approve the Purchase Request (PQ) automatically.