Chapter 3 – New Feature

Chapter 3.5 – Multi Pricing

1) Multi Pricing – 6 levels

1. 1 Enable users to change the pricing of product items in the Stock Item Maintenance window.

    • Up to 6 different pricing.

2) Auto Price

2.1 The system will capture the pricing options that are set up for the debtor in the Debtor Maintenance window.

2.2 Go to Tools → Option → Invoicing → Auto Price → “Use Multi Pricing” → OK.

3) Multi Pricing in Debtor Maintenance

3.1 Go to AR  Debtor Maintenace  Others.

3.2a Multi Pricing: Set and apply the price (1-6) to this debtor.

3.2b Allow users to set different prices for items on documents:

    • If this box is checked, the user can change multi pricing on transactions.

3.3 Click Save to complete change.

4) Multi Pricing in Document

4.1 Multi Pricing column will follow the pricing in Debtor Maintenance.

4.2 Go to Debtor Maintenance → Select the debtor.

    4.3 Others  Tick the “Allow to change Multi Pricing on Document” to change Multi Pricing.

    5) Multi Pricing Naming

    5.1 Update the name of the Multi Pricing option “Price 1-6”.

    5.2 Go to Tools  Options  General Stock Setting 2  Multi Pricing Naming  OK.

    5.3 The Multi Pricing name has changed on the Stock Item.