Chapter 3 – New Feature

Chapter 3.7 – Advanced Quotation

  • Designed to help companies run a proper pre-sales flow, especially at the quotation level.
  • Has a revision feature that lets you revise quotations and keeps a record of all previous versions for reference.

1.1 Go to Menu  Sale  Advanced Quotation.

1.2 The image below is the functions bar of Advanced Quotation.

  • You can use Revise to make changes, but not Edit.

1.3 Click New to create a new Advanced Quotation.

1.4 The Status shows the current state of the document.

1.5 Enter the details and click Save.

1.6 Click Revise to make changes.

1.7 Enter additional information and click Save.

1.8 You can trace previous revisions by clicking the plus sign (+).

1.9 View the revision of the Advanced Quotation that has been approved.

1.10 Click Success to approve the Advanced Quotation.

1.11 The status will change to Success.

1.12 Right-click the revision with Success status to transfer the document.

1.13 Example, click Full Transfer to new Sales Order.

1.14 The New Sales Order window will appear. Click Save to create the sales order.

1.15 You can view the document in the Sales Order list.

1.16 Click View Flow to trace the origin of the document.

1.17 You can trace the revision of an Advanced Quotation that a sales order was transferred from.