Chapter 3 – New Feature

Chapter 3.3 – Whatsapp Feature

  • Send orders, invoices, reports, and other documents through WhatsApp.
  • Recipients can download the soft copies to their devices.

1) How to send documents through WhatsApp:

1.1 When previewing records or reports, look at the top menu section.

1.2 This dialog offers a few options for you to choose from.

File Format: Currenlty support PDF only.

Mobile: Enter the recipient’s mobile number. For Sales and Purchase transactions, the mobile number will be captured from the Debtor and Creditor Maintenance mobile field.

Message: Add a message to send with the attachment. A default message is generated based on the document number, date, amount, and company name.

Use Web Browser: Use the web browser to send attachments and messages.

If unchecked, send through WhatsApp on the user’s PC.

*Attachments will be removed after 30 days.

1.3 Click Send to send the soft copy to recipients.

1.4 Click the send icon to send the message and link to recipients.

1.5 Recipients can click on the link to download the soft copy.

1.6 WhatsApp is available for all reports that can be previewed.

1.7 Send map location when viewing an entry and clicking the WhatsApp icon.

1.8 Similar dialog, but with the option to choose a billing or delivery address.

1.9 Generate a message with links to Waze and Google Maps.