Chapter 3 – New Feature

Chapter 3.2 – Recurrence

With this feature, you can set recurring transactions, either manually or automatically, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Set recurrence in documents:

  1. Cash Book
    • Payment Voucher
    • Receipt Voucher
    • Journal Voucher
  2. AR Documents
    • AR Invoice
  3. AP Documents
    • AP Invoice
  4. Sales Documents (Pro Edition & Above)
    • Quotation
    • Sales Order
    • Invoice
    • Cash Sales
    • Credit Note
    • Debit Note
  5. Purchase Documents (Pro Edition & Above)
    • Purchase Request
    • Request Quotation
    • Purchase Order
    • Goods Received Note
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Cash Purchase
    • Purchase Return


  • How to enable the Recurrence module in AutoCount Accounting
  • How to create a recurring invoice in AutoCount Accounting.
  • Recurrence settings

 1) How to enable the Recurrence module in AutoCount Accounting.

1.1 Go to Tools  Program Control  Module Setting.

1.2 Check the Recurrence checkbox

1.3 Click OK.

2) How to create a recurring invoice in AutoCount Accounting.

2.1 Click New to create a new invoice.

2.2 Add your billing item or account, description, quantity, unit price, and so on.

2.3 Click Save as Recurrence to create a recurring invoice.

2.4.1 Enter the Recurrence name.

2.4.2 Select the Document Numbering format.

2.4.3 Click Account List, select the debtor to apply the recurrence to, and click OK.

2.4.4 Select a user ID for the Recurrence.

2.4.5 Select the Recurrence Pattern.

2.4.6 Set a start date and manage the end date.

2.4.7 Click Generate Next Recurrence Date to show the recurrence information.

2.4.8 Click Save.

2.5 AutoCount will automatically generate the invoice after the recurrence user logs in.

3) Recurrence Settings

3.1 Go to Others  Manage Recurrence.

3.2 You can edit, view, or delete the recurrence in Recurrence Manager.

4) Automatic Create

  • When checked, AutoCount will automatically generate the recurrence transaction after the recurrence user logs in.
  • When unchecked, AutoCount will prompt a message as shown below.

4.1 Tick the checkbox to select the document.

4.2 Click Proceed and Save to generate the selected document.

5) Edit Document

Click Edit Document to view or edit your recurrence template.

6) Inactive Recurrence

6.1 Select the recurrence date.

6.2 Click Inactive Recurrence before Save.

6.3 The recurrence transaction for this period will be skipped.

7) Notification Inbox

7.1 The system will display a notification message when processing recurring transactions.

7.2 Click the prompt to open or Go to Tools  Notification Inbox.

7.3 Click to select a notification and mark it as read.

7.4 Remove the access right to receive notification messages for recurring processing in Access Right Maintenance.