Chapter 3 – New Features

Chapter 3.1 – Template

  • Available for
    1. Cash Book
      • Payment Voucher
      • Receipt Voucher


    2. Sales Documents
      • Quotation
      • Sales Order
      • Invoice
      • Cash Sales
      • Credit Note
      • Debit Note


    3. Purchase Documents
      • Purchase Request
      • Request Quotation
      • Purchase Order
      • Goods Received Note
      • Purchase Invoice
      • Cash Purchase
      • Purchase Return
  • Presetting data in entry and loading it later saves time and reduces errors.
  • Simply load the template and edit it.

1) Save Template

1.1 Go to Sales → Invoice and key in all the details.

1.2 Click Save as Template in the top left corner of the window.

1.3 Enter a template name and click OK.

1.4 The image below will appear when you create a new document.

  • Blank Template
    • Select the blank template when not using a template.

2) Assign Template

2.1 Go to Menu  Others → Manage Template

2.2 Click on Assign Template to Users  Assign the Template Name to the specific User ID → Click Save and Close.

  • Whenever JESSICA create a New Invoice, the template will be automatically loaded.

3) Access Right

3.1 Go to General Maintenance  Access Right Maintenance

3.2 Go to AutoCount Accounting  System.

3.3 Expand the System and Behaviour → “Allow Customize Document Template”.

3.3 Users without access rights will not see the “Save As Template” button.