Chapter 7 – Stock Adjustment Transaction

Chapter 7.5 – Stock Update Cost

Update the standard cost and real cost, either by entering a new cost or using the automatic item cost update feature.

Compared to changing the standard cost directly in Stock Item Maintenance, Stock Update Cost can update the standard cost for several items at once and can be saved as a historical record.

1. To access Stock Update Cost, go to Stock > Stock Update Cost.

2. Click New to create a new stock update cost.

3. Stock Item Standard Cost RM532.80 before update.

4. Create New Stock Update Cost RM532.80 to RM16.2909.

5. New Stock cost RM16.2909 (refer to Stock card).

6. Standard cost updated to RM16.2909.

7. Create a new stock update cost from RM532.80 to RM16.2909 and check to update the real cost.

8. Real Cost updated to RM16.2909.