Chapter 4 – Asset Maintenance

Chapter 4.1.1 – Asset Tab

(a) Asset Code: System will auto-generate the asset code with the short code of the asset type in front.

(b) Active: The status of the asset. The checkbox is checked to indicate that the asset is active.

(c) Description: Provide a description of the fixed asset.

(d) Purchase Date: Date the asset was purchased.

(e) Supplier: Link to the supplier from A/P Creditor Maintenance.

(f) Currency Code: The currency code used to purchase asset.

(g) Currency Rate: Determined by currency code setting.

(h) Insurance Policy: Link to the insurance policy from Insurance Policy Maintenance.

(i) Sum Assured: The minimum amount of money that the policy will pay out.

(j) Qty: Number of fixed assets.

(k) Category: Select the category for the fixed asset.

(l) Unit Cost: Cost per fixed asset.

(m) Remark: Add information about the fixed asset.