Chapter 7 – Debtor Maintenance

Chapter 7.3 – A/R Invoice Entry

A/R Invoice Entry is different from Sales Invoice although they are both involving in debtors:

  • A/R Invoice Entry is an Accounting entry (no bill printing), whereas Sales Invoice is a billing document (Invoice can be printed).
  • A/R Invoice Entry will automatically update the related G/L accounts upon save. Sales Invoice will post the entries to A/R Invoice Entry and update the related G/L accounts upon save, depending on the option setting.
  • A/R Invoice Entry is mainly used when you are not using an Invoicing system.

To create a new A/R Invoice Entry, go to A/R > A/R Invoice Entry.

Click New to create a new A/R Invoice Entry.


Debtor: Select a debtor from Debtor Maintenance.

Journal Type: You may select the journal type if you have maintained more than one journal type belonging to this Entry Type (refer to Journal Type Maintenance).

Agent: Assign a sales agent (optional). The default sales agent can be set in debtor maintenance.

Ref. No. 2: Enter another reference number, if necessary.

Invoice No: <<New>> to use the auto-running numbering (maintained in Document Numbering Format Maintenance), but, you can enter a different number to change it. The next possible number is displayed at the top of the window.

Date: System date is captured automatically, but you can change it.

Terms: Credit terms of the debtor.

Due Date: Auto-calculated based on the invoice date and credit terms.


Sales A/C: To add a new item, click the plus sign (+) and select an item. You can type the first few letters of account code or description to search for it in the lookup screen.

Description: This is detail description that will automatically capture the account code description and can be amended.

Amount: Enter the invoice amount. (Add several rows if you want to show itemized amounts.)

SST Type/ SST Rate/ SST Permit No./ SST Tariff Code/ SST/ SST Adjustment: Use these columns to apply a tax.


Subtotal (ex): The system displays the net total amount excluding tax.

SST: The system calculates and displays the total SST based upon the taxable amount, excluding any exemptions.

Net Total: To show the net total amount including tax.

Description:The invoice document description remembers from the most recently keyed-in invoice description.

Outstanding: The outstanding amount of this Invoice changes accordingly when payment is made, whether in full or in part.

Proceed new A/R Invoice: When the checkbox is checked, a fresh screen will be ready for new invoice entries upon Save. If the checkbox is unchecked, the invoice transaction screen will exit upon Save.

Functional Buttons



Print A/R Invoice Entry Listing

A yellow-background document indicates that it was posted from another source, and a red-font document is overdue.

Click Print Listing.

Click Preview and select report.