Chapter 6 – Creditor Maintenance

Chapter 6.1 – Creditor Maintenance

1. Go to A/P > Creditor Maintenance.

Click New to create a new creditor.

Group Company: Checking this box indicates that this creditor account is the control account for a group company. This will allow it to be chosen as a control account for other creditors in the Control Account field on this screen. The control account will not carry any transactions or entries, like the Creditor Control account, and will function like a parent account.

Controlled by Credit Term: Set a control if this debtor exceeds their credit limit or overdue limit.


Include in contact info: Include this information in Contact Info to attach it to the report.


Click the ‘+’ button to add a new branch. Enter the address and other information. You can choose the branch during transactions that involve branch details.

Tax Exemption



To copy a creditor note to a purchase document note, go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Transfer and select the Copy Creditor Note to Purchase Document Note checkbox.