Chapter 4 – Enhancement

Chapter 4.4 – Deposit, Refund & Forfeited


  • Deposits are entered when paid to suppliers (AP) or received from customers (AR).

To enter a deposit from a customer, go to A/R → A/R Deposit Entry.

Click New to create a new deposit entry.

Select Deposit Account to use to record the deposit.

(Deposit Account can be created at G/L → Account Maintenance → Bank/Cash Deposit Account)

Then select the debtor paid deposit.

Enter the date, project number, currency received, and description, then click the “+” sign to add payment details.

Select the payment method used to receive the deposit and enter the amount received. Then, click Save.


To refund a deposit, go to the deposit transaction and click View → Refund.

AutoCount Accounting 2.0 allows multiple refunds, while AutoCount Accounting 1.9 only allows one refund.

Click Add to add refund transaction.

Click “+” to add payment detail.

Verify the refund amount and click Save if no changes are needed.

Note: Repeat the refund procedure if you need to refund multiple times.


Forfeits can be processed after a deposit has been received, just like deposit refunds.

Select the Deposit transaction  View → Forfeit.

Click the “+” button to add a forfeit detail. Enter the date, forfeit account description, and amount, then click Save.

Click “Yes”

Refund & Forfeit Function in AutoCount Accounting 1.9

  • The refund function in 1.9 does not support multiple refunds or forfeits.
  • Deposits and forfeits can only be refunded in one transaction.


  • The procedure for AR deposit entry is exactly the same as the procedure for AP deposit entry.