Chapter 2 – Changes In Performing Transaction

Chapter 2.4 – Customized Layout

  • Users can customize the interface layout to place and show specific fields based on their preference.
  • This feature is currently only supported for Sales, Purchase transaction, and Stock Item Inquiry.
  • Users can save their layouts in the Layout Manager, similar to the Column Chooser function.

1.2 The list in the image below will appear.

2) Customize Layout

  • The Layout Tree View also includes other functions, such as Appearance Item Caption, Control Option, Option Flow Layout Item, and Text, which allow users to edit their displayed columns based on their preferences.

2.1 Example: Change the background color of the Debtor.

2.1a In the Layout Tree View, select the Debtor and look for the BackColor property.

2.1b Clicking on another column applies the change to the selected column.

2.2 Other than customizing detail items

2.2a Right-click again to access the layout design options.

2.2b Drag a column from the Customization list to the document header.

2.2c Right-click an empty space item and select Create Tabbed Group.

2.2d The image below shows how it will appear for further design.

2.2e Drag the Delivery Address 1 field to the Info section.

2.2f Right-click the Info section and select Rename to Delivery Address 1.

2.2g Right-click and select Add Tab if you want to add a field, such as Extra Info.

  • Click Save Layout to name and save your current layout.
    • You can also set it as the default layout.
  • Reset Layout to use system default layout.
  • Load Layout to load any previously saved layouts.

Save Layout To File and Load Layout From File work similarly to report design.

You can save any layout you have designed and load into another account book if you want.