Chapter 1 – New AutoCount Interface

Chapter 1.5 – Column Function & Column Filter

1) Column Functions: Right-clicking on a column header opens a menu with more options for that column.

2) Column Chooser: Displays a list of available column headers to add. Drag and drop columns to add or remove them from the column headers.

3) Set Column Caption: Change the name of a column header.

3.1 Save the layout so you can use it again later.

4) Customize Remark

  • Enable editing of remark captions in documents.

4.1 Go to Menu → Tools → Options → Invoicing → Customize Invoicing → “Customize Remark” → OK

4.2 Enter the name in the remark column and save your changes.

4.3 You can see that Remark 1 has changed.

5) Column Filter

5.1 Click the filter icon in the column header.

5.2 Select the values you want to filter for.

6) The column filter of 2.0 has more features than the column filter of 1.9.

6.1 In version 1.9 only allows you to filter by one criterion at a time.

6.2 In version 2.0 allows you to filter by multiple criteria at a time.