LHDN e-Invoice – Appendix 1-6

Appendix 2 – Buyer’s Details in Consolidated e-Invoice

No. Data Field Details to be input by Supplier in e-Invoice Addtional Remarks
1. Buyer’s Name Name of Buyer Supplier to input “General Public” in the e-Invoice
2. Buyer’s TIN TIN of Buyer Supplier to input “EI00000000010” in the e-Invoice.
3. Buyer’s Registration/ Identification Number/ Passport Number Details of Registration/ Identification number/ passport number Supplier to input “NA”
4. Buyer’s Address Address of Buyer
5. Buyer’s Contact Number Contact number of Buyer
6. Buyer’s e-mail E-mail address of Buyer
7. Buyer’s SST Registration Number SST registration number of Buyer
8. Description of Product/ Services Details of products or services being billed for a transaction with consumers Examples of consolidation that may be applicable for businesses:

  • Summary of each receipt is presented as separate line items
  • Summary of all the receipts is presented as a single line item
  • Each branch or location will submit a consolidated
  • e-Invoice, adopting either (a) or (b) above for the receipts issued by the said branch or location
  • Summary of all the receipts issued by each branch or location is presented as separate line items

Note that for any method adopted by businesses, the receipt/ bill/ invoice reference number for each transaction are required to be included under this field in the consolidated e-Invoice.