LHDN e-Invoice – Getting Ready for e-Invoice

12 Additional Fields Applicable for Certain Transaction

Applicable to transaction where goods are shipped to different recipent and/ or address (i.e., different from the buyer’s details)

  1. Shipping Receipient’s Name
  2. Details of Tax Exemption
  3. Amount Exempted from Tax
  4. Subtotal

Applicable to import and export of goods

  1. Reference Number of Customs Form No. 1, 9 & etc.
  2. Incoterms
  3. Product Tariff Code
  4. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Information
  5. Authorisation Number for Certified Exporter
  6. Reference Number of Customs Form No. 2
  7. Country of Origin
  8. Details of Other Charges

*Optional Field