Chapter 6 – Item Price Book Maintenance

Chapter 6.2 – Set Pricing for Debtor/Creditor by Item Code

1. To set pricing for all debtors/creditors on stock item by item code.

2. To key in the price and discount for debtor.

Delete: if this is checked, the value of the row will be deleted upon Save. This is used to delete the price setting for a particular row.

UOM: Unit of Measurement.

Debtor: Debtor Code.

Creditor: Creditor Code.

Use Fixed Price: check this checkbox to apply the Fixed Price/Discount column. Uncheck to use Price By Quantity (Qty 1-4, Price 1-4 and Discount 1-4)

Fixed Price: Key in a fixed unit price.

Fixed Discount: Key in a fixed unit discount (add ‘%’ if it is a percentage, else it will mean discount value).

Qty/Price/Discount (1-4): The quantity/unit price/unit discount for level one to 4 (refer to the table of Price By Quantity at bottom section)

FOC Level: How many unit need to purchase in order to entitle for FOC Quantity.

FOC Quantity: The number of units to be given free of charge.