Chapter 4 – Stock Maintenance

Chapter 4.8 – Stock Item Maintenance

To maintain Stock transaction items

1. Accessing Stock Item Maintenance by going to Stock > Stock Item Maintenance.

2. Then, click New.

Back Order Notification

Back Order Control access rights contains:

a. no control on negative stock

b. no notification screen will be displayed

c. users are allowed to save.

* Subject to the user’s access rights of back order control.

i. To access the Back Order Control access rights, go to General Maintenance > Access Right Maintenance.

ii. Then, click AutoCount Accounting > Invoicing > Sales > Back Order Action.

The default costing method is set at Tools > Options > Stock > Stock Costing

Multi Pricing (6 levels of pricing)

You can maintain pricing for each debtor. Whenever you make a sales transaction, the system will apply the pricing options you set in debtor maintenance.

1. To access setting of Multi Pricing, go to Tools > Options.

2. Then, click Auto Price > tick Use Multi Pricing.

Multi Pricing in Debtor Maintenance

To access Multi Pricing in Debtor Maintenance, go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance > Others.

After you save the setting, you can now select multi-pricing in sales documents, such as in the invoice below.

Sales Entitlement

Replacement Item

During sales transaction, if I try to sell MOL029 (at a quantity greater than on-hand quantity), the following image will be prompted:

When you click Yes, a list will be displayed for you to select from.

Alternative Item Code

Alternative item codes can be used as another name or code to key in or search for items, which can make it easier to find items in the system.

Further Description


Min & Max Selling Price

Min & Max Purchase Price

To enable save lower/greater than selling/purchase price, set the control at User Maintenance > Access Rights > System > Behavior.

Use Average Up-To-Date Cost as the minimum selling price instead of checking the Minimum Selling Price set in Stock Item Maintenance. (This only applies to the Weighted Average costing method.)

How to replace “Minimum Sell Price” with Up To Date Cost or Standard Cost (Fixed Cost) ?


To replace the minimum selling price, go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control > Use Average Up-To-Date Cost as the minimum selling price.

Set Color Indication (Control by Color Code)

To access the setting, go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Customize Invoicing.

If the price is lower than the minimum selling price, show it in red. If the price is greater than the maximum selling price, show it in light blue.

Prompt if Balance Quantity Below Reorder Level

A message screen will be displayed for confirmation.

  • Yellow means the stock level has reached the reorder level.
  • Red means the stock level has reached the minimum level.
  • Black means the stock level is negative.