Chapter 4 – Enhancement

Chapter 4.1 – Access Right

Access rights control who can access what functions in AutoCount Accounting 2.0. There are two ways to add access rights.

Method 1

Go to General Maintenance → Access Right Maintenance in AutoCount Accounting 2.0.

  • Click “+” to expand the details
  • Look for the section that gives User ID the access right.

(Example: User unable to cancel Sales Invoice, then expand AutoCount Accounting → Invoicing → Sales → Invoice → Can Cancel/Uncancel Invoice)

Method 2

Go to General Maintenance → User Maintenance.

Click User ID to select > click Edit.

Add Access Right by Group

To add a new user to the User Group, click “+” on User Group.

Click to select the group to add > click OK.

Click Save after done.

Add Access Right by Direct Access Right

Click Access Right tab.

The procedure is similar to Access Right Maintenance, but you only need to tick the checkboxes and click the Save button.

Differences In Access Rights Between AutoCount Accounting 1.9 and 2.0

  • Access rights on AutoCount Accounting 1.9 can only be added in the Access Right module.

General Maintenance → User Maintenance → Access Rights.

The steps for adding access rights with Access Right Maintenance in AutoCount Accounting 2.0 are identical to the steps in AutoCount Accounting 1.9.