Chapter 1 – New AutoCount Interface

Chapter 1.3 – Widgets

1) Widgets Setting

1.1 Go to Main Page → click the Settings icon in the top right corner → Widget Setting.

1.2 See the image below for the functions of the Customize Widget.

2) Adding Widget

2.1 Click the down arrow to expand the list of widgets.

2.2 Select the widget you want to add and click OK.

For example, you could select the Monthly Sales Purchase widget.

2.3 Click Customize to edit the widget.

2.4 Before clicking OK, you can set the date range, types, and other settings, such as comparing with the previous year.

Click OK to complete the action.

2.5 The widget will appear on the home screen.

  • You can place it anywhere on the home screen or resize it.

3) Layout Mode

3.1 Flow Layout 

  • Users can customize the widget flow pattern by choosing from left to right, right to left, bottom to top, or top to bottom.

3.1a Flow: Left to Right

3.1b Flow: Right to Left

3.1c Flow: Bottom Up

3.1d Flow: Top Down

3.2 Stacked Layout

  • The widgets will be displayed in a stacked pattern.

3.3 Table Layout

  • Widgets can be arranged in a table pattern with rows and columns of a fixed size.
  • However, widgets can occupy more than one row or column for better viewing and presentation.

4) Appearance

  • You can use a photo for the background.

4.1 The image below shows an example of the result.

5) View Action

1. Dock All – Automatically arranges all widgets on the screen without overlapping.

2. Float All – Widgets can be freely moved around the screen without being restricted to a specific pattern or arrangement.

3. Mix – Click this to randomly arrange the widgets on the screen.

6) Tiles(s) Function

Left Click: Create a new maintenance or transaction.

Right Click: Access the current maintenance or transaction list.

Magnifying Glass: Click to open the find dialog and search maintenance or transactions.